oneplus nord 2 review


The first phone that can run on the Android operating system – the Oxygen OS 2.0 is currently being offered through the manufacturer Oppo. It comes with an interface that is very easy to use and navigation is something you do not have to worry about since the interface is extremely smooth. The OxygenOS 2.0 has already got great reviews from its users. The company further added the Oxygen app store which gives you access to all the apps available on the Android market including the most famous ones.

The OnePlus Nordic 2 is a phone with a stunning screen with a 1920x 1080 pixel resolution. The phone comes with almost double the storage space of the Oppo. It has an incredible fast charging technology called Dash charging. The phone has a great camera with a high quality scanner as well. The rear camera comes with an intuitive interface and has an auto-focus mechanism, which helps in taking clear pictures.

The camera on the onerous nord 2 is one of the best out there and the price is right at $400, which are really quite affordable. The onerous nord 2 also comes with android updates every month and it comes with a great multi-media features such as, Sony Exmor P and Dual Shot. The two major android updates include Kit Kat 4.4 and OMA. oneplus nord 2

One of the unique features of the onerous nord 2 is that it uses the dual battery life technology which allows it to charge the phone at the same time it charges the battery. This feature charges the phone while it is being used and then transfers the charge to the battery while the phone is not in use. This enables you to enjoy your leisurely moments without having to constantly worry about your phone. When you want to charge up, simply put the phone down and it will automatically charge up to full capacity. The feature helps you save money on your mobile phone bills.

Apart from the great looks, the best part about the Oneplus nord 2 is its feature packed mobile phone. The two major technology companies, Nokia and Samsung have collaborated to make this product extremely user friendly. You can use the Bluetooth wireless charging kit, which is included in the phone, to charge other devices like your PDA. Another great wireless charging feature is the Qi charging system, which comes along with the phones. In this system, you can charge your gadgets such as your digital cameras and your mp3 players at the same time.

These phones have some great features and they are one of the best phones available in the market. They are manufactured by the world’s leading phone manufacturing companies – Nokia and Samsung. As the first one, the Oneplus nord 2 has a large memory, which provides you with ample storage space for all your data, which you may have stored in your phone since a long time. The high quality phones are packed with all the latest technology and they do not compromise on the performance.

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